Drinking at Salone: Beer, Cocktails, and Spirits

After having looked at our Taste Workshops dedicated to wines (in case you missed it), we continue our journey of drinking at Salone with a review of the most interesting events dedicated to the world of beer, rum, and the great variety of cocktails you can find at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. 

 Slow Beer

Beer Terra MadreBeer continues to gain popularity all around the world. But what is the right recipe for enjoying a quality beer? At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto you can meet Sam Calagione, a key figure in the contemporary world of craft beer. His brewery, Dogfish Head, in Delaware, has become one of the most important beer experimentation and brewing sites in the world, with products such as Midas Touch, Noble Rot, or Sah’tea,  all of which have gained renown internationally.

Heading out of the East Coast, take a trip across the United States to California, where the Firestone Walker brewery produces delicious beers aged in wood, available for tasting at the “Rock & Roll Vintage” event at Eataly Torino Lingotto. Eataly will also give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of European beers: in the United Kingdom, the centuries-old tradition of brewing is still strong. With the God Save the Beer workshop you can taste some of the most significant productions of English craft breweries, combined with a selection of British cheeses. After all, “a pint of beer is a king’s meal” (William Shakespeare).  Moving to another historical brewing region: Belgium, the focus of Mixed Fermentation: A Journey Among the Sour Beers of Flanders, dedicated to the Flemish Red ales matured in oak barrels.

The world of beer is not just made by big producers: even blenders and assemblers are able to create new and complex beers. In Beyond Brewing: The Art of Beer Blending you will meet three blenders from Belgium and two Italian refiners. Do you know how beer got all its particular tastes before the use of hops was introduced? With herbs, and now this tradition is back in vogue. Find out more about this technique with Foraging for Beer  a tasting of Italian, Scottish, and US beers under the guidance of Andrea Pieroni.

Many of the Slow Beer events are organized in collaboration with QBA – Quality Beer Academy, official partner of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, present with a varied and complete selection that covers different cultures, styles, and traditions, with the unmissable “one shot” and excellence of some of the most interesting international brewers  who will meet in person at the Teatro delle Birre during numerous workshops and tastings. Among the guest breweries: BraufactuM, Brouwerij Boon, Firestone Walker, Kloster Scheyern, Rodenbach.

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New this year at the Enoteca is the Punto Mixology, with creations by bartenders of the Maestri del Cocktail that bring to Terra Madre great innovations and splendid classics.

Together with the Maestri del Cocktail we have also thought of three particular Taste Workshops (taking place in the Palazzo della Giunta Regionale), that present a great challenge: making cocktails with only products from a given territory.  Turning the spotlight on Turin, where Vermouth was born, aromatized wine is essential for most of the mixing, is it possible to renounce all drink elements that are produced outside of Piedmont?

Mixology Point Terra Madre

How many and which drinks could we make? Find out at the Manhattan with a Piedmontese twist: a series of cocktails with raw materials, liqueurs, and spirits coming exclusively from this region. This challenge of creating international cocktails with unique tastes will be recreated using Tuscany and Veneto, using the extraordinary variety of raw materials offered by these regions.

If these tastings aren’t enough for you, there will also be the Punto Vermouth, curated by the Institute of Vermouth in Turin, located at the Enoteca.

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The world of Rum

Clairin, presidio Slow Food

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto has dedicated a place for rum: with Rum According to Luca Gargano,- distributor of spirits, liqueurs, and exclusive wines in Italy – and one of the leading experts in the field  guides us to discover his favorite distilled liquors, including fermentations, alembics, and serpentine. In another event, he takes us to Trinidad with the great rums of Caroni and to Haiti with the tasting of the Clairin, a new Slow Food Presidium.

Curious about trying out some other liquors? Don’t miss “In Search of Chartreuse”, an elixir with an incredible taste, obtained from 130 herbs and medicinal plants, with a characteristic coloring, this is a unique opportunity to discover the complexity and charm of traditional processing.

That concludes our look at the drink tastings. Now head on over to browse the Taste Workshops and book your spot!


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