Chef Invasion – International Chefs in the Taste Workshops

Don’t just browse out Dinner Dates for the names of excellent chefs at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. Dinner Dates will be their highlights, that is true, but many chefs, including a few Michelin-starred ones, will present Taste Workshops as well! 

Here is a small guide to find them among our Taste Workshop offerings, country by country. However, for Italy, we will save those names for another day, as there will be so many!


Ph. Paolo Properzi.

The names of the big names are drawn immediately: Artur Martínez and Marc Ribas, stars of Catalan cuisine. The first a  Michelin-starred chef, and the second a host of different cooking programs. These two will present a Dinner Date but also a special taste workshop dedicated to Mountain Fish where you can experience all their creativity. Always thinking above and beyond, Anatoly Kazakov of Selfie in Moscow, awarded the 70th place in the “50 Best” restaurant ranking. He is known as the “ethical chef” and at Terra Madre, he will bring his take on fish dishes.

The chefs of the east continue to be present in many other events. From Russia, Oleysa Drobot from the Slow Food Chef’s Alliance is proving to be one of the best discoveries of the gastronomic season in Saint Petersburg. Her Taste Workshop will focus on Fish and Spirits, starring Ark of Taste products. Mikhail Lukashonok, also from the Slow Food Chef’s Alliance, set the table with Tolstoy in a State of Ferment focusing on the techniques of vegetable fermentation so appreciated by the writer and described in great detail in the Russian book Povarnya by Vasily Lyovshin. From Belarus, Anton Kalenik, executive chef at Minsk Marriott Hotel and one of the most renowned chefs of his country, opens our palates to the typical dishes of his territory with one main ingredient: freshwater fish. Finally, from Bosnia, the chef of the Slow Food Balkans network Nihad Mameledzija cooks up traditional varieties of local maize in polenta with cheese and the proja, baked bread made with polenta.

Setting our sights to the north, with a delicious Taste of Iceland, thanks to the fish recipes offered by Gísli Matthías Auðunsson, a young and passionate cook active in the small island of Heimaey, and with a Danish dish, proposed by the Slow Food kitchen expert and consultant Katrine Klinken: Smørrebrød prepared with a large and delicious series of traditional fish seasonings.

The Americas


Regina Escalante, a young and brilliant star of Mexican gastronomy, will cook her country’s recipes using the meat of pigs raised at Parva Domus, and will talk about local biodiversity in the Mayan Pig Taste Workshop; Claudia Albertina Ruiz Sántiz, Tsotsil indigenous chef of Kokono in San Cristóbal de Las Casas and member of the Slow Food Chef’s Alliance  will have the task of cooking Milpa beans,  the varieties of native Tepetlixpa beans, a Slow Food Presidium; in Mole poblano: all the virtues of cacao, we deepen our knowledge of the food of the gods thanks to the contribution of Eduardo Garcia of the Máximo Bistrot restaurant, among the “50 Best” of his country. Finally, in A Golden Wedding between legumes and cereals, the beans of Tepetlixpa come back, cooked together with local cereals, prepared by Edgar Delgado of the Slow Food Chef’s Alliance.

… and others

Remaining in the Americas, we re-present the Argentine Maximo Cabrera chef of the Taste Workshop Cooking Without Fire, while Lupins will be presented by Adolfo Perret of the Slow Food Chef’s Alliance representing the Peruvian delegation,  indigenous chef Brian Yazzie will be cooking ancient varieties of Huaylas (Slow Food Presidium) and using the hardiness of the Navajo churro sheep with a light flavor of aromatic herbs.


South Africa

“King” of the African countries in this Terra Madre edition of the event is South Africa,  showing off their participation mainly through the Slow Meat campaign. Two workshops will focus on “From Nose to Tail”, a theme practicing the use of all parts of the animal, Friday the 21 of September with Adele Steihler van der Westhuizen and Arnold Tanzer and Saturday the 22 with Xanthos Giannakopoulos of Durban Country Club. Two chefs of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance Filippa Harrington and Loubie Rusch, will bring their expertise on spontaneous herbs, in this case, sandkool and veldkool, two perennial herbaceous plants reported on the Ark of Taste and the result of a recent rediscovery by local chefs.

…and others

The continent of Africa will be represented by many of her other countries and chefs as well. From Uganda, Milly Nantabo and Ambrose Turihohabwe of the Slow Food Chef’s Alliance offer traditional Ugandian dishes such as matoke, katogo, and luwombo, bringing two Slow Food Presidia products two the plate, Traditional Bananas and Millet of Teso Kyere. The Moroccan Presidium of Aglou mussels will be enhanced by chef Abdellah Aarab in his couscous and tajine. Rafram Chaddad a chef but also an artist brings us the flavors of Mediterranean Caviar: Bottarga through a journey that starts in Tunisia then arriving in Italy. Egypt will be presented by the Alliance Chefs Omar El Marsafy and Nabil Gaballa, working together with an Egyptologist and archaeologist to illustrate the transformation of Fava Beans in Egyptian cuisine. From Senegal, Pierre Thiam, who has been working in New York for years, makes two appearances in the Taste Workshops, one on resource trees, such as moringa and baobab, and the second workshop will be on forgotten cereals, such as fonio and millet. A taste of Ethiopia’s biodiversity will be served up by chef Emawayish Menbere Tsegaye proposing the injera, soft and thin bread used as a dish, cutlery, and a part of the meal that is served with different ingredients – eggs, meat, vegetables, spices or the mixture of spices called berbere.

Looking to the East

There will be many different opportunities to taste all the flavors coming from both Asia and the Middle East. We start closer with Nadav Malin, Israeli chef of Chefs for Peace who brings his recipes to Terra Madre, worthy and good representatives of the Mediterranean Diet found in Israel. Not exactly a chef, but an internationally renowned food blogger, photographer, and author: Barbara Massaad, tries her hand at Lebanese spices and herbs. From Palestine, is the chef and activist Haifa Zaitoon who together with the producer Do’a Zayed prepares some recipes with All the Colors of Tahini, the sesame sauce almost omnipresent in local cuisine. Moving to Asia, we find the Chinese mapo tofu, proposed by a chef from the city of Chengdu, in collaboration with Ling Aichih of the Zheng Yang restaurant in Turin. Zheng Yang will also interpret the Piedmontese Presidium of the Tinca Gobba in the Eastern way. South Korea will bring the elaborations of Jang and other fermented sauces prepared by chef Youngjin Yang together with international councilor Minsoo Kim, Naturally Sweet, the Korean Sikhye, a drink obtained from fermented rice and barley malt , and bell yugwa, a rice cake with a particular bell shape made by the two cooks Byungwook Kang and Jihyun Song, together with the teacher Hyewon Cho. japan will bring another tofu, with the delegates-chefs of the AIAI Farm, who teach the art of preparing shima-tofu. The Philippines will bring different interpretations of the traditional Ark of Taste rice varieties proposed by Jose Antonio Miguel Melchor, chef of the Philippine delegation.

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