Eataly – From Slow Party to Dinners and Taste Workshops

A Slow Party with starry dishes, music, circus shows, workshops, and guided tours, but also Appointments at the Table, Taste Workshops and important projects such as Bee the Future.

Eataly at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

For those who have not been able to book one of our Appointments at the Table, Thursday, September 20, Eataly offers an opportunity for celebration and haute cuisine.

Eataly Slow Party is a special occasion in which the former Carpano factory transforms itself into a stage starring the excellence of Italian food and wine, producers, Piedmontese Michelin-starred chefs, circus performers, and many other surprises.

There are two ways to celebrate Slow:

the Michelin Star experience: which includes tasting dishes prepared by the chefs of Casa Vicina, Del Cambio, Guido, La Ciau del Tornavento, Enoteca di Canale and Cascinale Nuovo;
Eataly chef experience, with tastings of Eataly’s own chefs.

But Eataly a Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is much more.

Dinner with Moreno Cedroni

Sit down for an incredible seafood dinner with Moreno Cedroni on September 24. In A Journey Through Time, Moreno recreates the experiences of a 34 year journey through the dishes that have made the Madonnina del Pescatore famous, in a continuous fusion between two equally incisive forces: creativity and tradition.

Taste Workshops in the Punt & Mes Room

Eataly is also home to numerous Taste Workshops, here are the workshops with spots still available!

Thursday 20 September

3 p.m.: Rock & Roll is Vintage, Barrel Aging American Style
From the legendary Firestone Walker brewery, Adrian Walker leads a tasting of barleywines and other beers aged in cask, including the legendary Anniversary Ale.
6 p.m.: Batutta al Coltello, Albese and tartare: Piedmontese Bred Beef and Sparkling Wines.
Sergio Capaldo introduces us to the world of meat and teaches us how to eat it consciously, throw classic carne crudo recipes with the traditional Piedmontese beef.  Dishes are paired with Batasiolo wines.
Friday 21 September

12: Shaped by the Seasons: Modena’s Traditional Balsamic Vinegar
The meeting with an alchemy, in which participants can taste four different balsamic vinegar in purity combined with four different gastronomic proposals.
3pm: Unusual pairings: whiskey and cheeses from the British Isles
To get to know one of the most classic and unusual combinations, a marriage of love between the noble distillates and the milk of the green pastures. The selection of five Scottish and Irish whiskies is made by Whiskey Club Italia, while raw milk cheeses are selected by Neal’s Yard Dairy.
6 pm: The Diversity of Barbera
A workshop designed to compare the differences between the Barbera of Monferrato and the hills of the Langhe. The Asti team is led by the King of Barbera, Giacomo Bologna, who, with his selections, has conquered the world, worthy teammates are Cascina Castlèt and Luigi Spertino; for the Langhe: Gianfranco Alessandria, the Tenute di Mirafiore and Ca’ Viola defend their Barbera.
Saturday 22 September

12: Wines of the Balkans, Ancient Native Varieties and Ancestral Traditions
Let’s discover together some ancient local vines: keratsuda, mavrud, shiroka melnishka, prokupac, žilavka, and blatina. The chosen producers are small artisans who follow a Slow approach: on a human scale, respectful of nature, the terroir and local traditions.
3 p.m.: Unusual Combinations, Noble Flavors: Raw Milk Cheeses and Fine Tea
Fabienne Effertz offers an unusual tasting combining four European cheeses with four Asian teas.
6 pm: Spirits of Holland, From Brandy to Cheese
Different types of brandy – from the classic apple and pear base to holly berries, in versions both barrel aged and not – are paired with five traditional Dutch cheese, including the Slow Food Presidia of Boeren Leyden and the aged artisanal gouda.
Sunday 23 September

12: God Save the Beer: Britains Brewing Traditions
Many types are built on their alcoholic power, on the richness of the body and on the breadth of the sip: barleywine, imperial stout, old ale are just some of the examples that can be done and that can be discovered in a rich a workshop dedicated to the United Kingdom.
3 pm: Norwegian Raw-Milk Cheese, Cider and Kveik Beer
Norwegian raw-milk cheeses, including Slow Food Presidia from the artisanal geitost of Sogne Fjord and pultost from Hedmark and Oppland Counties, paired with beer made from typical Kveik yeast and apple cider produced along the fjords of Hardanger and Sogne.
Monday 24 September

12: Form and Substance, Agnolotti According to Ugo Alciati and Walter Ferretto
Michelin starred agnolotti in comparison: the classic plins of Alba meet the hunches of Asti.

Major Projects

Finally, Eataly is an official supporter of Slow Food Italy and a partner of Slow Food in some special projects that will be highlighted at Terra Madre, such as Bee the Future, promoted by Arcoiris, Eataly and Slow Food, a major project involving 100 farmers from all over Italy engaged in introducing organic mixtures of melliferous plants (marigold, mallow, cornflower …) in intensive agricultural areas (such as monocultures of corn, hazelnut, vine), the protagonist of the forum Plant more flowers!, Thursday 20 to 13 in the Sala Azzurra.

Eataly Torino Lingotto is easily accessible from Lingotto Fiere. It is located in via Nizza 230, a 5-minute walk from the fairgrounds.

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