22 September

Discovering the Podolica Calabrese Cow – A matter of breeding

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

The Calabrian Podolica, promoted by a Slow Food Presidium, is a very hardy cattle breed that adapts easily to steep terrains, grazing where other breeds would find it difficult on Mediterranean scrub, bushes, stubble, and undergrowth. The high quality of its meat—lean, low in cholesterol, rich in essential fatty acids (like omega 3 and omega 6), vitamins and mineral salts—is the result of a combination of the genetics of the breed, its diet, and proper butchering procedures. Presenting and explaining the characteristics of the breed here will be the Restaurant Calabrialcubo from Nocera Terinese (Cosenza).

Podolica offered in three ways: Tartare di podolica, Girello essiccato (similar to bresaola) and carne lightly cooked. Tortello from the offal of Podolica with eggplant cream and pecorino del Poro. Paired with Cirò Rosso Classico Riserva “Duca Sanfelice” and il Val di Neto Rosso “Magno Megonio” from Azienda Agricola Librandi, Cirò Marina (Kr).

22 September

19:00 - 20:00

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