24 September

Eggs: which to choose and why

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Most laying hens are still bred in crowded warehouses, often with little change of air.

They live in cages, with very little space deprived of the ability to move normally. The genetics of these animals have been studied to ensure high productivity and low breeding costs. However, one can choose to buy eggs from free-range hens left free to roam without being forced into narrow spaces and overfed grains. Animals grown in these conditions are healthier, because they are free to perform all the movements of a ‘natural’ life.

Speakers: Tatiana Iablonska, Ukraine, producer and leader of local convivium;

  • Irene Carpegna, Italy, Cascina Santa Brera;
  • Ferdinando della Peruta, Italy, farmer Cascina Losetta of the Presidium of the white hen of Saluzzo;
  • Johan widing, Sweden, farmer;
  • Carolina Agurto, Chile, producer of the Blue Egg Hen presidium.

Moderator: Achille Schiavone, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Animal Nutrition, University of Turin

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24 September

11:00 - 13:00

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