20 September

From Po Valley to Marche: Salami au naturel

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Salami au naturel throughout Italy

Making a good salami, with only a little salt and without nitrites and nitrates, means taking a great deal of care over the ingredients and the production process, as well as good pork butchering skills. In this workshop, Carlo Fiorani, a farmer and pork butcher from Cremona, heir to the Po Valley productive tradition, will meet producers of the celebrated Slow Food Presidium-promoted Fabriano salami, made by grinding the meat of the finest part of the pig, the leg. In both cases the excellence of the final product is guaranteed by local ingredients, rearing of the animals by the producers themselves and processing without the use of preservatives.

Paired with Dogliani Classico 2017 and Dogliani Superiore 2015 from Az. Agricola Cascina Corte, Dogliani (Cn).

20 September

17:30 - 18:30

Food for Change – Slow Meat – Oval
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