21 September

Maestri di Cocktail: Good Things to Drink From Veneto

Torino-Palazzo Giunta Regionale

From Jerry Thomas’s 1862 The Bon-Vivant’s Companion to later mixology manuals, thousands of recipes that have shaped the history of cocktails: for the martini, the negroni, the old-fashioned, not to mention the cosmopolitan, the mai tai and the bloody mary…

International cocktails created by bartenders around the world, which we will be reinterpreting with the help of a renowned bartender with a Venetan twist, using the extraordinary variety of ingredients offered by the region. Grappa, of course, but also the many other liqueurs, bitters, spirits and sodas that make the Veneto one of the most spirited regions in the country.

Palazzo della Giunta Regionale: piazza Castello 165.

21 September

15:00 - 16:30

Sala Liquidi
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