20 September

From Hungary to South Africa: Meat Preservation techniques compared – Au naturel

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Explore different international meat preservation techniques

A workshop where you can enjoy two very different products. On the one hand, Hungarian mangalica sausage, promoted by a Slow Food Presidium, made with pork seasoned with salt, pepper, sweet paprika and other spices, hand-cased and cold-smoked over acacia or oak wood. On the other, Droëwors, South African-style dried beef flavored with spices from the Karoo region, produced by Federico Fiamozzi of the Aneghe taneghe farm.

What will be served: Biltong soup, Dried Meat (Biltong) ofTrentino, and  Mangalica sausage,paired with the wines of Tenuta Cilena Erasmo- Col d’Orcia, Montalcino (Si).

20 September

16:00 - 17:00

Food for Change – Slow Meat – Oval
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