22 September

Indigenous Chefs: Why they are Key Players in the Food System

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Through their choice and use of food products, chefs, and community cooks can help to improve the food system.

But though they play a key role in educating and inspiring consumers, they now have to address the challenge of attributing the right value to indigenous peoples’ traditional foods, often written off as inferior and labeled in their own countries as ‘rustic’ and worthless. How can indigenous chefs benefit from the media visibility they are currently enjoying? How can they become key players? How can they valorize their knowledge of traditional foods, using it to define their identity and forge economic development?


  • Charles Toto, from the Tepra people, jungle chef from Papua Indonesia.  
  • Sean Sherman, from the Sioux people, Turtle Island, USA 
  • John James Mshana, from the Pare people, Tanzania
  • Yulia Fominykh from the Tabular people, Russia. 

Moderator: Raja Rymbai, member of the ITM Advisory Board (for Southeast Asia) 

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22 September

14:00 - 16:00

Arena di Terra Madre / Terra Madre Arena – Oval