22 September

Quality Farming – Pigs

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

The most common breed of pigs in the world is the Large White:

it produces high meat yields and is ideal for industrial production of cured meats. Intensive pig farms are the worst in terms of animal welfare and environmental impact. The farmers of the Slow Food network propose a different type of production including choosing to raise local breeds and caring about nutrition. This production also pays attention to animal welfare without rushing maximum productivity in the shortest possible time.


  • Angela Petruso, Mexico, director of the organization El Hombre sobre la tierra;
  • Johan widing, Sweden, farmer; Lucian Scumpu, Romania, Bazna mayor and coordinator of the Bazna Pig Presidium;
  • Christian Aguerre, France, producer of the Basque pig Presidium of Kintoa;
  •  Jacopo Goracci,Italy, Tenuta di Paganico – Farmer of Cinta Senese Pig

Moderator: Pietro Venezia, Italy, veterinary surgeon.

The Terra Madre thematic Forums are presented by delegates of the network and are open to the public as long as seats are available.

Priority entrance reserved for delegates. Access requires registration on site.

22 September

16:00 - 18:00

Food for Change – Slow Meat – Oval