20 September

Rural Youth Networks and platforms: an international exchange of examples and best practices

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Cross your borders and meet up with leaders and activists of Rural Youth Networks and platforms from all over the world.

The only mindset you need is to be curious and open for surprises. This way you will discover the unique power of networks outside your country and find unexpected best practices, to incorporate in your local rural organization.

Moderator: Anders Westberg
Speakers: Dorothee Sterz (Junge ABL), Russel Carrington (Rural Youth Europe), Reveca
Tapie, Giselle Miotto, Marcelo Podesta & Carlos Demeterco ( Ecogastronomia para Jovens
Rurai l), Laura Tabet (Nawaya platform), Morakeng Calvin
Makgaila (SFYN Soweto), Aida Baimakova (SFYN Kazakhstan)

20 September

17:30 - 18:30

Oval - SFYN Booth