21 September

SFYN World Cafe: let’s take action!

Torino-Parco Giuseppe Levi

Here, at the size of one table, the whole world meets together around one topic. We will make discussion groups to get concrete action points for the next years. Each table is going to have an expert on a specific topic. Give strength to your voice!

Travel around the different thematics, get inside the topic and outside your comfort zone! The whole youth world is going to take part in the discussion…what are you waiting for? Come along and raise your fork!

The topics:

  • (Micro)Plastics in food (English)
  • Good, Clean and Fair Vs poverty in the city (English, French)
  • Diet impact on climate change (English, Italian)
  • Power to the consumers (English, French)
  • Food waste reduction (English, Spanish)
  • Agriculture 4.0 Vs natural agriculture (English)
  • Social media impact on food (English, Italian)
  • Food education (English, Spanish)
  • Dialogue and sustainability in multinational food industries (English)
  • Upgrading local food policies (English)
  • Tackling obesity (English)
  • Indigenous youth: pride, resilience, and integration (English)
  • Rural youth and young farmers: facing nowadays challenges (English)

Topics are chosen by youth, to be discussed with youth. The “grassroots” world cafe.

Moderators: Eva Flantua (Unisg), Elisabeth Berlinghoff (Unisg), Lauren Nelson (Unisg)Speakers: Frances Elisabeth, Jason Hartley, Kristina Nitsolova, Damien Deville, GillianRodger, Gaia Salvatori, Sem Roefs, Louise Duhan, Joaquin Cano Reina, Anne LuzPijnenburg, Gregorio Pasuelli, Anthony Morano, Leila Elamine, Beatrice Montanari, ChantalClément, Francis Bernhardt, Pauline Munch, Nazareno Iovino, Carlo Giua, MathildeTournebize, Raja Rimbai, Bart Grobben.


Warm up for Terra Madre with us at the Slow Food Youth Network World Cafe on Friday, September 21 (16:00-18:30, Parco Giuseppe Levi). Apply today and let’s connect!

21 September

16:00 - 18:30

Slow Food Youth Network
SFYN on Stage!