21 September

Subject of Breeds

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Today, industrial meat production focuses on very few breeds considered the most productive

Because of this selection, in the next 20 years 1/3 of the existing breeds risk becoming extinct: meaning over 2,000 breeds! A key to the battle for biodiversity conducted by Slow Food is the valorization of indigenous domestic breeds. Specifically breeds whose characteristics are linked to their natural environments, the geographical and socio-economic conditions of the territory where they have historically adapted to. This will be a presentation dedicated to the discovery of ancient races, such as the Podolica cow – widespread from Russia to Italy -, the Russian-Ukrainian gray, and other races of the north.


  • Michele Sabatino, Italy, producer of the Podolica Cow Presidium of Gargano;
  • Yury Stolpovskij, Russia, PhD, geneticist, deputy director of the Institute of General Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Cedric Briand/Laurent Chalet, France, Fete de la vache Nantaise;
  • Natalia Reznikova, Ukraine, Institute of Genetics and Animal husbandry
  • Adel Salam, Egypt, veterinarian, Fayoum Convivium leader, head of the Bigawi Chicken Presidium;
  • Roy Kady, Usa, Presidium of the Navajo Churro sheep.

Moderators: Martina Tarantola, Italy, Veterinary University of Turin.

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21 September

16:00 - 18:00

Food for Change – Slow Meat – Oval