Giving space to real food: how we choose producers

Selected in accordance with Slow Food principles, the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto Market producers will be ambassadors of the movement’s philosophy.

Torre Canne Regina Tomato Presidium Slow Food

Torre Canne Regina Tomato Presidium Slow Food Ph. Oliver Migliore e Marco del Comune

The Italian and international food producers’ Market has always been the heart of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. It is not just a meeting place for hundreds of thousands of producers and visitors from all over the world, but also a unique opportunity to discover the extraordinary gastronomic diversity of all five continents. Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is also the Slow Food network’s principal showcase for its activities, projects and policies.

The Guidelines

Relying on this belief, Slow Food is committed to supporting Market producers by making them ambassadors of the ‘good, clean and fair’ philosophy and its international campaigns. This commitment has now been given concrete form for the first time in a published selection criteria, a constantly evolving practical tool with a dual aim: maximum utility for producers and maximum compliance with the movement’s principles.

Besides helping Slow Food select exhibitors, these guidelines are a benchmark for producers themselves—even those who don’t attend the event—who will be able to use them to continue working towards improved overall quality. The guidelines are binding and it is up to producers to verify their adherence when they apply to take part in Salone del Gusto.

The idea of guidelines for the choice of exhibiting producers is by no means something new. In fact, previous editions of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, also used selection criteria to select the Market producers. For Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018 all the various food sectors—25 in all— were reviewed, making the selection criteria clearer and more detailed.

General Rules and Specific Principles

The document has set general rules as well as detailed criteria for specific sectors. For example, no product can contain OGMs or palm oil (with the exception of Slow Food Presidium wild palm oil from Guinea Bissau) and packaging must be minimal, easy to dismantle and recyclable.

For cured and processed meat, priority will be given to companies that use meat from free-range or semi-free-range farms and native breeds, free from nitrites. Furthermore, cured meats containing starters, sucrose and dextrose, lactose, whey or caseinates and flavor enhancers cannot be sold.


Slow Food Bread Criteria

Ph. Oliver Migliore e Marco del Comune

Only sourdough breads may be sold and displayed, with a preference for those produced with cereals of local origin and heirloom varieties. Breads made with improvement agents and adjuvants, additives, stabilizers, preservatives and so on may not be displayed and sold.

With regard to extra virgin olive oil, preference will be given to those made with olive cultivars native to the area of production. As well as to companies certified as organic or biodynamic, or whose olives are cultivated using sustainable methods.

Thanks to the application of these guidelines, the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018 Earth Market will be not only a fantastic showcase for quality produce, but also a pioneering experience. Here,  producers will engage side by side with the Slow Food association to convey a productive philosophy that is more and more ‘good, clean and fair,’ centered as it is on defense of biodiversity and the promotion of agroecological and sustainable practices.



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