Piazza del Gelato

The Piazza del Gelato is not to be missed this Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, found in Lingotto Fiere. Stemming from a project by Alberto Marchetti, it has sprung to life with collaboration with Salone del Gusto’s official partner Inalpi

The perfect place to taste good, clean and fair gelato, produced from carefully selected ingredients, fresh, genuine and of known origin.

Alberto Marchetti offers two fior di latte flavors exemplary of ingredient excellence and traceability. In Piazza del Gelato you will find the traditional fior di latte made with sugar and fresh milk of Inalpi, alongside a version made with raw sugar. Have a taste of both to appreciate their full characteristics and differences.

The tastes of Slow Food Presidia products will have plenty of room in the spotlight some flavors you will find are Farina Bóna, the Ramassin of Bronda Valley, Chontalpa cocoa, and different presidia coffees. These gelato choices will be twice as good because all the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

The Piazza del Gelato will also present the International School of High Gelateria, founded in Turin by Alberto Marchetti and Roberto Lobrano. Since 2018 they hold professional courses of gelato at Casa Marchetti in Piazza CLN in Turin. Professionals of the school will be special guests at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, available for the public to observe at work to get advice on gelato making.

The manifesto of the School, The World of Gelato. History, science, production, tasting, will be signed by Roberto Lobrano and recently published by Slow Food Editore in the Slow Manuale series. The book explores the history, chemical composition, characteristics, production techniques and tasting. It also has a complete recipe book to prepare,  gelato with quality and seasonal ingredients, without using compound semi-finished products. Essential to kick off your tasting tour around Italy is the guide of 322 gelato makers who create the best Italian artisan gelato according to the author.

The Piazza del Gelato also hosts show cooking (free while places last: the calendar will soon be made available) by the International School of High Gelato, in collaboration with Italian and non-Italian ice cream makers, where we talk about ingredients quality, traceability, and tradition.


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