Terra Madre Salone del Gusto Taste Workshop Guide: Slow Fish, Seeds, & Vegetarian!

The events of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto have been on sale for a week and some have already sold out! To get a better idea of what awaits you at the Lingotto pavilions, we thought we would give you a hand and lead you through the events that you will find.

Our first stop will be at the Slow Fish and Seeds areas, followed by a peek at some other great vegetarian based tastings!

Slow Fish: sustainable sushi, “vegetables” of the sea, and freshwater fish

Algae Terra Madre

Photo from Mar de Ardora

The goal of #FoodforChange Slow Fish is to share with you the many sustainable alternatives to commonly chosen fish such as salmon, tuna, and sea bass.

You’ll find none of these popular fish in the sushi offered by marine biologist Silvio Greco at Raw Seafood, Sustainable Seafood,nor in that prepared by chef Yoshi Tezuka in Sushi: Raw Fish in Japan, rather you will have the chance to try some lesser-known breeds. Raw sustainable fish prepared both in an Italian, and Japanese style, an experience sure to surprise you!

If freshwater fish is more your style, check out the Piedmontese Slow Food Presidium, Tinca Gobba (Ceresole d’Alba Tench), prepared in Cantonese cuisine by the Zheng Yang restaurant in Turin (Tinca Gobba in Oriental Sauce). Get a taste of Belarusian cuisine, prepared by chef Anton Kalenik; or of Carnikava lamprey in three versions: smoked with alder wood and in jelly with horseradish sauce, porcini mushrooms and sour cream, prepared by chef Ēriks Dreibants of Riga’s 3 Pavaru Restorans (The flavors of Latvia).

Algae, finds its place in Terra Madre at two events. Our Galician delegates share their knowledge on sustainable algae dishes in Algae, Vegetables of the Sea. Marine biologist and harvester Amanda Swiminer will show us the mystical kingdom of the kelp forests of the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

Click here to discover all the events on Slow Fish.

Seeds: the base of all we eat; Slow Food hopes to promote biodiversity in seeds, seed sharing among farmers, and raise awareness about the true value of these tiny but powerful gifts.

Arancina Terra Madre Salone del GustoBiodiversity and the power of seeds in fighting the effects of climate change will be highlighted in the Terra Madre Forums.

If you would rather just taste the importance of biodiversity, check out Slow Mays . This workshop will introduce you to the many varieties of corn cultivated throughout Italy.  Want  a classic taste of Sicily? How about with a hint of Piedmont? In A Giant Arancina, the Sicilian treat will be prepared with the Giant Vercelli rice, a Slow Food Presidium.  If you are looking for  flavors found outside of Italy, familiarize yourself with the traditional mapo tofu and try a taste prepared by the Zheng Yang restaurant.

Check out all the events of Seeds here.

Vegetarians will have plenty of taste workshops and cooking schools waiting for them.

As odd as it may sound, some you may even find hiding in Slow Meat. This in part due to the #MeatlessMonday campaign, but also to emphasize important healthy and sustainable alternatives to meat consumption.

Fave Bean Terra Madre

We suggest you start on a journey to discover legume that is little known today, but was a staple in ancient agriculture throughout Eastern Europe, and parts of Italy. Experience this legume in The Grass Pea, from the Balkans to Southern Italy.

Another Slow Bean of interest to vegetarians and omnivores alike: the delicious Fava Bean. At Terra Madre you can experience both contemporary gastronomy using Fava, and a little of the beans ancient history. Two thousand year staple: Egyptian Fava Beans   allows you to prepare a dish with an ancient history, while Sicily will give you a taste of traditional rural fava bean dishes.

Then, of course, no program including beans would be complete without sharing with you the delicious and colorful flavors of Mexico’s native Slow Food Presidia beans.

Keep an eye out for more Terra Madre Salone del Gusto guides sharing the excellent events of the #FoodForChange areas, plus those found beyond Lingotto and through out Torino!


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