Terra Madre Salone del Gusto IN Piedmont and Turin

An event that will ‘live’ across the entire Piedmont region and bring Turin, the capital, to life. For five days, under the banner of ‘Food for Change,’ Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will embrace places and local areas, some of which a long way from the center of the city itself.

Out in the provinces, following their curiosity and taste, visitors will be able to sample the food for themselves and see Slow Food Presidium farmers, livestock breeders and artisans at work. For the first time in the history of the event, from September 15 to 30 the program will include 15 itineraries specially planned by Tour DiVini and local Slow Food Convivia to discover good, clean and fair food in the places where it is conceived, desired, cultivated and processed.

The event program will be supplemented by a whole series of initiatives organized by the 120 Towns of Terra Madre, in which families and local bodies offer accommodation to more than 2,000 delegates. These small but important opportunities for cultural exchange and entertainment include themed dinners and the sharing of music and dance from the diverse traditions involved.

In Turin, historically the first capital of Italy and the nerve center of the whole Piedmont region, Turismo Torino e Provincia will organize a packed program of guided tours, some by bicycle, among royal residences, baroque churches and food artisans’ workshops.

Following the experience of 2016, when Terra Madre Salone del Gusto invaded the whole city of Turin, events will be organized in a number of the city’s neighborhoods and suburbs by the bodies and associations that responded to the ‘I am Terra Madre’ announcement.

The San Salvario district will stage a Mediterranean Food Festival while Migrantour will be back at Porta Palazzo, the city’s main market. But that’s not all: other bodies and associations that have adhered to the initiative are, to name a few names, Libera and Fai Giovani, the Egyptian Museum, the Mountain Museum and Rivoli Castle. Here is the list of all those involved at June 4 2018: …

The three main locations – excluding Lingotto – of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018 will be …

Palazzo Reale

The inside courtyard of Palazzo Reale on Piazza Castello will be home to the Enoteca, an elegant open space stocking over 600 wines from the producers of Progetto Vino, 200 labels awarded with the ‘snail’ symbol in the Slow Wine guide and more than 100 Triple As (Agriculturists, Artisans, Artists). Under the portico, a ‘classroom’ has been set up for the Taste Workshops and there will also be a Mixology Point featuring the creations of Masters of Cocktail bartenders, and a Vermouth Point, organized by the Vermouth Institute of Turin, de rigeur in the city where this ‘special wine’ was created.

Piazzetta Reale

The Piazzetta Reale, the forecourt of Palazzo Reale, will be given over to QBA – Quality Beer Academy, an official partner of the event, Food Trucks, mobile kiosks serving quality food at affordable prices, and the Piedmont Regional Authority area, a ‘showcase’ of the region’s sights.

Palazzo della Giunta Regionale, which also looks onto Piazza Castello, will host 28 classic Slow Food Taste Workshops, here dedicated to mindful drinking.

Nuvola Lavazza in the Aurora neighborhood

The Nuvola, or Cloud, the new Lavazza office district, was designed by architect Cino Zucchi and inaugurated only recently. Here at La Centrale, the events space, a packed program of initiatives has been organized in collaboration with Lavazza, a partner of the Salone del Gusto since 1996. Plus, the Museo Lavazza will treat visitors to an interactive voyage of discovery through the universe of coffee with nine Taste Workshops on tasting, blending, making and consumption, all organized by experts from the Lavazza Training Center.

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