The Inspiring South African Women of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

This Terra Madre Salone del Gusto South Africa is represented by three incredible women promoting good, clean and fair food throughout the country.

The first is Caroline McCann, International Councillor for Southern Africa, owner of Braeside Butchery, and the main organizer of Slow Meat South Africa. She, together with Arnold Tanzer, a chef from the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, she is trying to educate people about responsible meat consumption.

Rooibos, South Africa, Ark of Taste. Ph. Paola Viesi

Thanks to the work of cooks, butchers, and breeders, South Africa comes out on top when it comes to supporting the Slow Meat campaign. Among the Taste Workshops presented within the #foodforchange Slow Meat area will be The South African Recipe – From Nose to TailIn this workshop, a South African chef from the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance will cook a series of offal dishes, teaching us how to use and make the most of every part of the animal.

Another excellent personality coming to Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018 is Melissa de Billot, from Slow Food Johannesburg where she is the referent of the Zulu rainbow maize on board on the Ark of Taste. In a region where almost all the maize grown is GMO, Melissa is waging an important battle. She retrieved seeds of old varieties from those whom she calls the “original farmers” from KwaZulu-Natal province and distributed them to guardians, urban farmers living in the township of Soweto and Orange Farm, South Africa. This year, the first harvest took place. Within the Seeds thematic area, the Terra Madre Forum Resisting GMOs will provide a space for producers and other citizens from different continents to share their experiences and propose alternative solutions.

South Africa Cape Rough Lemon, Ark of Taste.

Finally, another inspiring woman and another topic: food activist and indigenous food expert Catherine “Loubie” Rusch will address the issue of biodiversity preservation. After spending 30 years as a landscape designer, Loubie is now fully dedicated to local wild foods in the Cape Town area with her NPO Local WILD. She sees endemic local wild foods as a way to address connected challenges from a social and ecological perspective in an area, the Western Cape, where the local food landscape is being eroded by industrialization and globalization. Be sure to book a place in the Taste Workshop: South Africa: Ferment in Cape Town during which Lubie and Filippa Harrington, both members of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, will present some of the vegetables and herbs that grow wild along the coast west of Cape Town for participants to taste. Here the two chefs will serve recipes using sandkool and veldkool, two perennial herbs recently rediscovered by local chefs and now listed on the Ark of Taste.

In addition to these three amazing women, Slow Food South Africa is made up of a network of food communities, supporters, producers, participants, activists, and volunteers that reflect the diversity of their country. Many other guests and events are scheduled and many more will be added, such as:

 From Hungary to South Africa: Meat Preservation Techniques Compared – Au Naturel , where participants will enjoy two very different products: on the one hand, Hungarian Mangalica Sausage, promoted by a Slow Food Presidium; and on the other, Droëwors, South African-style dried beef flavored with spices from the Karoo region, produced by Federico Fiamozzi of Aneghe taneghe farm.


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