The Terra Madre Arena

An arena has historically been a space for events and spectacles. This year the so-called Arena at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will be a stage for Slow Food’s different networks to come together and explore the crucial issues that the international movement has been working on for years.


Migration is one of the central themes within the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto program, the movement of people will be examined with great care and considered not as a distant problem, but as the result of short-sighted policies and choices that affect all of us personally.

We will be discussing the issue at many forums in the Arena, along with the related topics of climate change, modern-day slavery, and international development. The topic will also move out of  Lingotto, with the International Festival of Mediterranean Cuisine that during Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will take over the San Salvario neighborhood.

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous peoples are the world’s greatest custodians of biodiversity—67% of the planet’s agrobiodiversity is concentrated in their lands—and for centuries they have been working to save it. Their knowledge, often undervalued, is essential to tackling global challenges like climate change, food insecurity, and inequality.

In the Arena, the forums organized by the Indigenous Terra Madre network will highlight the urgent need to promote and protect the food-production systems of indigenous people, valuing their holistic approach and strengthening the ties with the entire Slow Food movement. Events and meetings will look at the main themes chosen by the network: young people who use innovation to create opportunities in rural areas, the role of women in indigenous food systems as they cope with climate change, and the work of indigenous peoples for the defense and management of land and common goods.


The space dedicated to the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) will be a meeting point for young people from around the world, a place for them to discuss different issues—like rural networks of young farmers, the role of urban food gardens in social integration, food design, and innovative initiatives and young people’s political activity and their positioning as the future of the food sector—to learn and most of all to have fun together. Inspiration and empowerment will be the common threads of all the activities, which will also include workshops designed to provide young people with the practical tools to realize their ambitions.

As well as in the Arena space, some of the SFYN’s activities will be held at the University of Gastronomic Sciences stand, while more events will be organized outside the Lingotto as part of the Terra Madre In program.

The Terra Madre Arena has been made possible thanks to support from IFAD.

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