The Terra Madre Barachin, 4,000 meals distributed to those who cannot participate in Terra Madre

4,000 meals distributed to those who cannot participate in Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018, “so that the event is a feast for all.”

In Piedmont, especially in Turin, the quintessential working-class city, the barachìn  has long served as a symbol of food brought from home; the most immediate and concrete way to make the factory environment less cold, to bring fragrances and flavors from the home kitchen (before the company canteens arrived).

Families have always played a central role in guaranteeing hospitality to Terra Madre delegates, uniting stories and cultures and creating links that bring the world to Piedmont and Piedmont to the world. “This year we wanted to go even further,” says Daniele Buttignol, director of Slow Food Italy, “by sharing some of our food with those who, for various reasons, cannot participate in the big party of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.” The Terra Madre Barachìn project is a symbolic initiative that aims to “reaffirm a fundamental concept for Slow Food: The right to pleasure and access to good, clean, fair, and healthy food for all. This principle has always been the basis of our work and has been shared by the entire network with the Chengdu Declaration, approved at the last Slow Food International Congress of Slow Food.”

So, while the event is taking place in Turin, “we will distribute 4,000 barachìn to less fortunate people, sharing the typical dishes of our territory and especially the spirit of Terra Madre” throughout Piedmont, continues Buttignol. “For us, this means #foodforchange: involving, sharing, and coming together. This extraordinary initiative is made possible thanks to support from Compagnia di San Paolo, Reale Foundation, UniCredit, more than 50 restaurants, and more than 70 associations in Piedmont, all of which have joined with enthusiasm since the beginning. Our hope is that this initiative can continue after the event, that every restaurant and every family can think of taking care of nearby people who are in difficulty, and that the barachìn can become more than a gesture of solidarity: It is an opportunity to share and an affirmation of a right that is too often denied.

“The Compagnia [di San Paolo] has put its heritage of relationships at the disposal of the Barachìn project. We believe that this project is a symbol of mutual support between people. We have worked with institutions, associations, and volunteers to make it possible to distribute 550 barachìn to the elderly and to those in difficulty in the territory of Turin. At the center are the encounters between people during the days of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, from crowded lunches where volunteers will eat barachìn with the people to whom they have been donated, in a moment that truly expresses community; to family lunches where the meaning of barachìn will be renewed; to completely spontaneous meals where we will bring new friends to the homes of the elderly and people in need. With volunteers from the Ufficio Pio, we are organizing convivial lunches in which youth and migrants, elderly people who live alone, and, when possible, their neighbors will all participate. In some day centers, people with disabilities will dine together with migrants who work as volunteers in those same centers. Our barachìn will be a symbol sharing, a context for meeting, getting to know each other, and overcoming mistrust in the simplest and most effective way: eating together,” says Francesco Profumo, president of Compagnia di San Paolo.

“Inclusiveness, welfare, and resilience to risks are the priority areas on which Reale Foundation intends to focus by allying itself with partners who share the same ideals, such as the Fondazione La Stampa-Specchio dei Tempi,” commented Luca Filippone, general manager of Reale Mutua. “It is on this basis that the Reale Group wanted to design its path to sustainability to generate innovation and create change in the territories where it operates, in line with the value system at the basis of its corporate identity. With the Barachìn project, we want to bring Terra Madre Salone del Gusto to those who have no access to it, and we will do this thanks in part to the precious contribution of our employees who will volunteer to distribute meals at our headquarters in Via Bertola—we started this corporate volunteer project a few months ago in a structured and shared way.”

“It is with pleasure that UniCredit joins this initiative, which celebrates the best of the region, the ‘good things’ that the Piedmontese land has to offer, and that talented people can transform into healthy and tasty food to be shared with those who, for many reasons, cannot be present at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto,” emphasizes Stefano Gallo, the regional manager for the Northwest.

The entire Piedmontese territory is touched by the initiative, thanks above all to the commitment of the Slow Food network: “Given the enthusiasm of the local restaurants and the collaboration with the C.I.O.F.S. – F.P. Centro di Formazione Professionale Istituto Sacro Cuore, Caritas, and the Emporio della solidarietà, we will distribute 240 meals in Vercelli during Terra Madre Salone del Gusto,” says Gabriele Varalda of Slow Food Vercelli. “Among the dishes prepared will be panissa, soup with grains, stew, and a delicious cake. We are looking forward to bringing Terra Madre to those who do not have the opportunity to participate.”

The Terra Madre Barachìn is a project created thanks to support from Compagnia di San Paolo, Reale Foundation, UniCredit; collaboration with Verallia, Autajon Chierese Pak, Cuki, Corepla, and Domori; and the enthusiasm of over 50 restaurants and more than 70 associations that have joined the initiative.




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